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W18 is a compound in a series of 32 substances (named W-1 to W-32) that were first synthesized in academic research on analgesic drug discovery in the …

Legal status‎: ‎Highly Controlled
Formula‎: ‎C19H20ClN3O4S
CAS Number‎: ‎93101-02-1


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What are the W-series drugs, and what is W-18?

Buy W-18 Online, The W-series are synthetic drugs that were developed in 1982 by chemists at the University of Alberta who were
looking to create non-addictive analgesics. The series consists of 32 compounds of varying toxicity; the different
compounds are denoted as W-1 through to W-32. The compound W-18 (1-(4-Nitrophenylethyl)piperidylidene-2-(4-
chlorophenyl)sulfonamide) was initially reported to be the most toxic, up to 100 times more toxic than fentanyl;
however, recent studies have shown that W-18 and its metabolites do not activate opioid receptors and the
strength of W-18 in humans has yet to be determined. W-18 is most commonly found mixed within illicit opioids
and synthetic opioids, as well as fake prescription pills.

What is W-18 used for?

Although W-18 was initially developed as a potential analgesic drug, there are currently no clinical applications in
which W-18 is used. Despite this, it has been found in illegal street drugs, and has also been found in fake
oxycodone pills, and in other drug products containing fentanyl.

Why is it dangerous?

There are few published studies on the effects of W-18 in humans, so current knowledge about the drug’s effects is
limited. Users may still experience some side effects similar to opioids. W-18 has been found to inhibit binding of a
protein involved with electrical activity responsible for regulating the heart’s beating, which may cause cardiovascular side effects.
Fatalities and treatment
In 2016 it was reported that Alberta had its first W-18 related death; however, toxicologists were unable to confirm
that W-18 was the cause, as there were other drugs ingested by the individual. At this time, there have been no
confirmed deaths in Alberta due to the drug W-18 exclusively. Currently, there are no standard screening tests for
W-18 and in most cases, a strong suspicion would be needed to carry out a specialized analysis. It is possible that W18 has been associated to other drug-related deaths by being added to similar effecting drugs, such as fentanyl.
Because W-18 is not an opioid, users who have overdosed on it may not respond to naloxone. Only one study,
which was conducted by the drug’s inventors, examined the ability of naloxone to combat overdoses in W-series
drugs. This study conducted in mice focused on only W-3, but was successful in seeing naloxone reverse the effects
of W-3. Although there is no known treatment to reverse its effects, administering naloxone to someone who has
been suspected of taking W-18 will not harm them further. Buy W-18 Online Without Prescription, W-18 Pills For Sale.

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